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Rod Friend is a well established British stained glass artist working both in Alozaina, Andalucia (Southern Spain) and England, with over 40 years' experience of designing and making stained glass windows.

He was born in 1939 in Buckinghamshire UK and educated at Canford School, Dorset. Rod attended two London Art colleges in the 60's. Hammersmith (now part of Chelsea School of Art) and the Royal College of Art. Rod has a lifelong fascination with transmitted light since his innovative kinetic work using light and liquids at the Royal College of Art.

Since 1972, two years after leaving the RCA with a M.A. degree, Rod has been producing architectural stained glass, mostly painted, leaded glass work for public and private buildings.

As a child, music played a greater part in Rod's life than art. He studied violin from the age of 7 to 17, and is still a keen pianist today, occasionally professionally. Rod says: "Music is very close to home and all the visual work unfolds from it". The studio is often alive with a wide variety of wonderful recorded music and the studio piano gets played everyday'.

Ninety percent of the studio's work is commissioned. Stained glass is a very environmental art form and is best designed and made for its own particular place. This has led to a deep commitment to designing and making stained glass for private and public buildings as well as a variety of therapeutic and sacred environments. When there is space in between commissioned work, Rod makes his own pieces and runs four/ five day courses for people who wish to learn stained glass, glass painting, etching and glass Mosaic skills. (See the Stained Glass Courses Page).