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commissioning rod

commissioning rod to design and produce stained glass
After working in this artform for over 40 years I am confident of being able to solve design problems and to produce work that serves architectural spaces and the people who live or work in them..

Please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts and questions, even if vague and as yet unformed, about how you visualise light and colour entering your space. I really listen to clients and enjoy collaborating with them in an impulse of co-creation. People's ideas deserve to be represented in the spaces in which they live or work.
Architectural glass is a very sustainable material. It can and has lasted for hundreds of years, so it really pays to 'get it right' at the design stage and, as in the case of churches, to consider the responses of generations as yet unborn.

At a client's initial approach for a commission I will always produce a very rough 'ballpark' estimate , based on surface area,for some labour-intensive techniques cost more than other simpler ones, so a final design comes with an accurate quotation.
The final colour design, to a stated scale, is included in the overall fee and is only charged separately if the project does not finally go ahead. For larger commissions I make a full-sized colour 'cartoon'. Both these and all finished designs remain my property, as is normal practice.